Be part of something great!

At a workshop held in Harare, Zimbabwe, the Afrobloggers team had a chance to unveil branded t-shirts for African Bloggers. The t-shirts which display the Afrobloggers logo at the front can also be personalised at the back to carry personal quotes or blogging URLs. Blogging is our lifestyle Bloggers present at the workshop thought the… Continue reading Be part of something great!

Afrobloggers challenge Blogteember
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Afrobloggers #BlogTemberChallenge

Afrobloggers Presents the #BlogTemberChallenge Hello Afrobloggers; this is a call out, for the month of September we want to challenge you to write a blog post everyday...... We are not pointing any fingers or judging but some of your blogs are frightfully neglected, we know life happens but sometimes you need that friend who will… Continue reading Afrobloggers #BlogTemberChallenge

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AfroBloggers #FeatureThursdays – Anjolaoluwa Ozozoma Coker

Constantly being at war with telling the truth, yet fighting to accept it myself.

#FeatureThursdays, Interviews

AfroBloggers #FeatureThursdays – El Amanya

Ugandan Blogger Amanya adamantly proclaims that his secret for blog success is writing about the one thing that everybody relates to … love! He regards himself as an endlessly flowing natural who has a unique way of writing. He shares his blogging journey and the discipline that has helped him become a better writer even… Continue reading AfroBloggers #FeatureThursdays – El Amanya