Winter Blogging Challenge

WinterABC Day 1

It's Day 1 of our Winter Blogging Challenge. Here is what to look out for in the next 30days of June 2019

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Winter Blogging Challenge

As part of our mandate to inspire bloggers to create and share more on their sites we have come up with an exciting challenge. We are inviting all bloggers to join us as we embark on #30days30blogposts for the month of June 2019. Why should you join us? There are so many barriers to blogging… Continue reading Winter Blogging Challenge


Be part of something great!

At a workshop held in Harare, Zimbabwe, the Afrobloggers team had a chance to unveil branded t-shirts for African Bloggers. The t-shirts which display the Afrobloggers logo at the front can also be personalised at the back to carry personal quotes or blogging URLs. Blogging is our lifestyle Bloggers present at the workshop thought the… Continue reading Be part of something great!


Inspiring stories: Zambia’s Pig Bank Campaign

The Piggy Bank campaign is a charity initiative aimed at reducing poverty by increasing access to quality education for the less privileged community school going pupils in Zambia. The campaign does so by pulling resources from university students and well-wishers. The campaign is the brainchild of three University Graduates: Given, Joshua and Mwansa. The three… Continue reading Inspiring stories: Zambia’s Pig Bank Campaign


Blogging for Accountability: What is it and Why it’s important

"Sometimes people do not speak up because they do not know how to do it"Afrobloggers has collaborated with The Municipal Review an organisation based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in an effort to increasingly hold local councils accountable for lack of sound governance. The project which will run and be managed under the name LobbyBlog Zimbabwe will… Continue reading Blogging for Accountability: What is it and Why it’s important