African Bloggers Directory E-L

Effy Talks LifeA Scottish Nigerian woman shares about her solo travels and mental health. Her blog is filled with inspirational posts for first time travelers.
Eli Sabblah A christian blog dwelling on biblical dialogue and reflections. You find articles, short stories and spoken word poetry; hopefully one of these genres will appeal to you  
Eunice TossyTanzanian personal blogger writes authentic conversation about faith, lived experiences and ways we can all grow and live free in our faith and life.
Everything and Nothing Ugandan personal blog. I can’t seem to pick a category to focus my writing because I am not big on boxes, so for now I write about everything and nothing, whenever & wherever the inspiration hits.
 Fabs Culture A Ugandan Doctor of Pharmacy based in Texas shares a description of entertainment with a twist of African Culture, for the love of Fashion,beauty,art and laughter. 
Feeling Station A personal Blog from Zimbabwe. She takes you on a journey into her feelings about many things without mincing any words.
Frankie And Bren A Kenyan interior designer takes you on an exciting interior decor adventure, to inspire and offer useful tips to the laymen.
Fungai Neni A Zimbabwean blog featuring commentaries, reviews, essays, literature, interviews, talks and news intended for politically and socially conscious Africans, and diasporic Africans, with interests in pan-African issues, feminism, arts, culture and politics.
Gechy’s BlogNigerian Judith Onwuka gives us a Relationship and Lifestyle Blog for single millennials.
Hallelujah Mag Hallelujah Mag is a Zimbabwean digital magazine that provides thought-provoking commentary and news from an array of Christian perspectives.
I Am TuapeA Ghanaian personal blog on life experiences.Creative short stories and some fun musings.
Joseyphina’s World A Ghanaian personal hub of creative stories, articles and poems for your reading pleasure.
Les Gourmandises De The daily life of a Senegalese woman who loves to eat and make food. Discover awesome recipes from this food blog.

Don’t you think this is awesome? I found a list of African bloggers on one page.

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