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Of Afrobloggers #BlogTember: MyAfricaMyWords

Hello September Our tradition for September is a blogging challenge themed #MyAfricaMyWords September is Africa month, its Africa month every month but in September we choose to celebrate the best way we know how, through the stories shared. #BlogTember What is #Blogtember? Blogtember is a blogging challenge during the month of September to blog everyday… Continue reading Of Afrobloggers #BlogTember: MyAfricaMyWords

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Afro Bloggers Account Take Over Experience

Every Sunday we allow a blogger from our community to take over our twitter account so they can interact with other bloggers, sharing experiences, tips and networking. Here is how Mpho Mashita felt about the opportunity to tweet from behind the Afrobloggers handle:

In Hindsight with Mpho Mashita

I couldn’t believe it when I received the message from Afro Bloggers asking me to be their guest for their ‘Sunday Account Take Over’. So without even thinking twice about it, I said yes! It was such an honour to be recognized for the work I do on my fairly new blog and I knew instantly what I desired to engage the community about, and boy did they come to the party!

I planned my topics for the day around the issues that I wanted to discuss. First of all, I saw this as a great platform to engage fellow bloggers on issues that I have been struggling with on my blog and they were able to give great insight into my issues. I’m always asking myself these questions: ‘Does my content resonate with the people that follow my work?’, ‘Should I be more niche?’, ‘Do I want to be…

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25 Days of Christmas Celebrating Best Of The Year 2018 #2018BOTY

As a celebration of 2018 we have a blogging challenge to capture the memories of the year. Bringing you a blogmas event Best Of The Year 2018 #2018BOTY 25 Topics  1 post a day 25 Days of Christmas  Topics 1. Movie2. Tv show season [released in 2018]3. Fiction book4. Non fiction book 5. Song6. Album 7.… Continue reading 25 Days of Christmas Celebrating Best Of The Year 2018 #2018BOTY

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Of Afrobloggers: BlogIndaba Wednesdays

Hello Wednesday Afrobloggers is always happy to collaborate and partner with creative initiatives that celebrate and showcase what Africa has to offer. The BlogIndaba Community of bloggers each week celebrates the work of one blogger to crush on and share posts and promote the featured crush on their blogs and on social media. A great… Continue reading Of Afrobloggers: BlogIndaba Wednesdays

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Afrobloggers Weekend Comment Thread 16/11

Because blogging means community. Every weekend (From Friday to Monday) Afrobloggers is open for the Afrobloggers Weekend Comment thread How it works: Drop a link to your post… but the most important thing is do not just drop link and run... Stick around and visit any of the blogs links posted and hey if someone visits… Continue reading Afrobloggers Weekend Comment Thread 16/11