A tribute to all African creatives.

When art as an expression starts to appear, without prompting, all over the suburbs and villages of this country, what we are saying is: we are confident enough to create our own living, our own entertainment, our own aesthetic. Such an aesthetic will not be donated to us from the corridors of a university; or… Continue reading A tribute to all African creatives.


Be part of something great!

At a workshop held in Harare, Zimbabwe, the Afrobloggers team had a chance to unveil branded t-shirts for African Bloggers. The t-shirts which display the Afrobloggers logo at the front can also be personalised at the back to carry personal quotes or blogging URLs. Blogging is our lifestyle Bloggers present at the workshop thought the… Continue reading Be part of something great!

Afrobloggers challenge Blogteember
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Day 15 #BlogTemberChallenge

Day 15 HalfWay Musings We are halfway there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fPgJ-5lbsA How has your journey been like so far? Are you still in? Are you struggling.... ? Any tips to share? How is it so far? We have seen so many wonderful creatives from across Africa you can check out a few below: Dorel from Burundi Shelley… Continue reading Day 15 #BlogTemberChallenge