Afrobloggers Contributing Guidelines


Afrobloggers is an online platform created primarily to advance the creative work of all African Bloggers. To achieve this,

  • We spotlight as many African bloggers as we can find.
  • We educate new bloggers on how to get the best out of their online spaces
  • We inspire bloggers to create more by igniting necessary conversations
  • We strive to keep bloggers well informed on current affairs affecting Africa.
  • We promote peer to peer learning by creating a supportive ecosystem around all bloggers
  • We endeavor to shift mindsets towards blogging by showing the impact blogging has on our societies.

Our Audience

Our blog gets readership, mainly from bloggers who are seeking to discover other African bloggers, blogging tutorials and inspiration on what to blog about. Our audience is not only diverse but also highly knowledgeable as such it is encouraged to do thorough research on any idea you seek to share.

Umbrella Topics we seek to cover

  • Blogging and African bloggers
  • Current affairs (relating to Africa and Africans)
  • African Consciousness: culture, norms and values

We encourage all contributors to ask but not limit themselves to the following questions:

  1. How specifically will this story or idea help Afrobloggers audience to become more informed bloggers? What takeaway will it provide?
  2. How does the article inspire bloggers and creatives to do more?
  3. Why is this particular idea timely or relevant?

Important notes

  1. We seek original content and will not accept pieces that have been previously published online or in print.
  2. Be mindful of plagiarism. To avoid the risk of plagiarism, acknowledge all your sources with full references and use quotation marks when transcribing material verbatim.
  3. Remember to credit all photos unless you are the original owner.
  4. Submissions can be in any style that suits you (Poems, Short stories, photography, prose etc.) as long as it highlights ideas relevant to our audience.
  5. The editor reserves the right to deny publication of articles that may not meet Afrobloggers standards.

How to submit

Email your article to with ARTICLE CONTRIBUTION clearly marked on the subject line. Afrobloggers will respond to you within reasonable time

Contributors have the option of republishing on their own blog, a submitted article one week after it has appeared on the afrobloggers site. Clearly stating that the article first appeared on