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Of Afrobloggers #BlogTember: MyAfricaMyWords

Hello September

Our tradition for September is a blogging challenge themed #MyAfricaMyWords

September is Africa month, its Africa month every month but in September we choose to celebrate the best way we know how, through the stories shared. #BlogTember

What is #Blogtember?

Blogtember is a blogging challenge during the month of September to blog everyday (if you can) but mostly to celebrate our stories #MyAfricaMyWords Because only you can tell your story

Who Can Participate?

Its open to everyone… start today, tell a friend, lets start this conversation, the narrative begins with you.

What are the topics?

This month it will be slightly different there will be no particular topics feel free to dig and ponder what you want to write about as long as it fits the theme #MyAfricaMyWords

For those who need inspiration on what to write about here are previous topics from the 2018 and 2017 #BlogtemberChallenge


Happy writing


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