Africa: No story must be left behind

People must know what happened to your sister, why she left her deceptive husband despite your parents insisting she will never find a better man.

A soul is lifted in hope when you share the tips that made her so successful, free and empowered.

When you share about your experience at the hands of an airline, many voices will rise too as though a rock has been lifted from their tongue.

Someone is saved every time you narrate how you were raped , how it affected you and how you managed to survive.

There is always someone waiting for your story.

It is no coincidence that Rwanda is perceived as a shining beacon today, 25 years after a genocide. Paul Kagame has invested heavily on public relations every corner you turn, Rwanda is being celebrated. His ruling methods may be up for questioning but he has done so much in convincing the world that Rwanda is a game changer.

I believe to change Africa on all fronts we must begin by changing the perspective of its populace. There is no better way to positively shift this perspective than through the stories that are being read, watched and shared from and about the continent. The good thing is that these days everyone can be a storyteller. Anyone can be a blogger.

I do not seek to harmonise the stories people are sharing but to encourage individuals to create and share stories from their point of view and in the best manner they know how to.

Our agenda as bloggers is that: Africa must be heard and seen wholly as Africa not in selected parts and sieved narratives. Every story must be told, even if its narrated in a trembling voice full of fear and persecution.No story must be left behind.

The digital age brought so much power into the hands of ordinary people. Despite low internet penetration the continent has seen a rise on the number of grassroots content creators. More people are criticising the government, foreign aid and everything worthy pointing a scornful finger at. Such is the power generated when the woke of our generation choose to speak up and empower their fellow country men.

I write this article to urge you all to realise the power that lies in your stories. Harness that power, channel it to empower yourself and the next person. Someone must celebrate everyday heroes in our societies. Someone must talk about things traditional media ignores because its not suitable for their agenda.

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