WinterABC is Over!

Today marks the end of our debut Winter Blogging Challenge. We take this opportunity to thank the bloggers who laboured on to create 30 blog posts for the 30 days of June 2019. It was not easy!

We appreciate the support from everyone who read, shared and commented whilst cheering on African Bloggers as they tackled some difficult yet important topics in our midst.

The turnout was so overwhelming , thank you for this tremendous support. We also wish to thank you for the honest feedback you shared in some of your posts. We hope to do better come winter next year.

Now that the challenge is over , What Next?

We are looking forward to see how you intend to build on the lessons and network you gained from this challenge.

Whats going to change on your blog, what exciting new things can your readers look forward to? Are any collaborations in the form of guest blogging and interviews in the offing? Share with us , we are itching to know!

No matter what you choose, remember we are proud to have you in the African blogging space. We shall forever support you in more ways than one!

Happy blogging!

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