Inspiring stories: Zambia’s Pig Bank Campaign

The Piggy Bank campaign is a charity initiative aimed at reducing poverty by increasing access to quality education for the less privileged community school going pupils in Zambia. The campaign does so by pulling resources from university students and well-wishers.

The campaign is the brainchild of three University Graduates: Given, Joshua and Mwansa. The three came up with this initiative as a way of giving back since their own education was also financed by a government bursary program.

Why is it called the Piggy Bank Campaign?

The campaign borders on the philosophy that little is much when put together. At first, using the gimmick, “Your change can Change a life” they encouraged University students to donate their “change” into a pool that would be used to pay fees for a disadvantaged student.

Later the campaign grew when Tertiary students began paying fees for children in secondary and primary schools. To date the campaign does more than paying fees,it is now a pool of funds and skills drawn from voluntary University students!

The adolescent population in Zambia is projected to multiply by 2.35 to 3.01 times between 2015 and 2050, with the median prediction at 2.68 (assuming relevant policies are enacted). To maintain current pupil-to-teacher and pupil-to-classroom ratios by 2050, significant investments would need to be made in school construction, teacher development and recruitment, and classroom resources.

CAMFED (CAMPAIGN FOR FEMALE EDUCATION) 2014 Evidence of Investment Report

What is the Campaign doing…

Voluntary teaching

University students now visit disadvantaged community schools to offer voluntary weekly half-day classes. They bring along their own laptops to give the kids computer exposure and literacy lessons.

Uni students on voluntary teaching

Classroom Construction

One of the objectives of the campaign is to build at least 10 classroom blocks by the year 2022. To date, they have built 3 classroom blocks at Ipusukilo Community School in Kitwe. Architectural University did the designs while those in Quantity surveying did the bill of quantities.

Classroom Construction


Many kids from rural communities have low self-esteem because of lack of exposure. The Piggy Bank campaign pairs university students with disadvantaged kids from community skills. The kids get to visit their mentors at the Copperbelt University and the University of Zambia where they are exposed to better aspirations and urban life.

Scholarship and Book donations

The Piggy Bank Campaign has set up a scholarship fund of its own to help gifted disadvantaged children with their education. They also do learning aid material donations towards community schools.

“It takes a village to raise a child”

This is a huge initiative whose impact can be made greater through proper partnerships and supportive funding. Contact Piggy Bank Campaign team on their Facebook page or email piggycampaign@gmail.com with any help you can give.

Old books you no longer need, laptops, small money amounts, construction materials and teaching aids can go a long way in boosting the #PiggyBankCampaign because

Your change can still change a life”

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