Blogging for Accountability: What is it and Why it’s important

Sometimes people do not speak up because they do not know how to do it”

Afrobloggers has collaborated with The Municipal Review an organisation based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in an effort to increasingly hold local councils accountable for lack of sound governance.

The project which will run and be managed under the name LobbyBlog Zimbabwe will see 50 bloggers from Harare and Bulawayo being trained to blog about local governance issues.

This collaboration comes against a background of increased poor governance across many African cities. Reports of uncollected refuse, dirty water and potholed roads keep sprouting on social media platforms. Citizens seem not to know how they can approach such issues and at least demand action from local authorities.

image credit/ the standard.

This project will train bloggers on what to look out for, how to come up with engaging articles that grab attention, how to track local authorities feedback and actions. The blog posts that are going to be written will be published and promoted on various social media platforms ensuring that they reach the intended audience.

“We strive for better cities, with cleaner water, safe roads, and cleaner public spaces”

LobbyBlogZim is but one of many such projects to follow in various African Countries as Afrobloggers seek to promote blogging that demands accountability, responsibility and betterment of African communities.

You may join us on this new adventure, as a blogger, partner, facilitator and volunteer. Currently, the whole project is being bankrolled by the British Council under its Connect Hubs Project.


To join please fill up a form on this link

Registration for Bulawayo closed. Harare by 29 April 2019

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