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Introduction to Blogging


Blogging is the act of updating information on an online journal known as a blog. It is like posting your stuff on an online diary. The person responsible for updating information on a blog is called a blogger. The information can take the form of a picture, video , text or audio, depending on the choice of the blogger.


The reasons why people blog vary from one individual to the other. Businesses use blogging for marketing their products while individuals use blogging merely to dissect and discuss subjects of interest. Many people also find blogging to be a rewarding cathartic hobby.


There are many online blogging platforms from which a blog can be set up. The most popular are WordPress and Blogger . Other blogging platforms include Tumblr, Wix, Weebly, Ghost, Medium,Joomla to mention just a few.

Majority of these platforms offer free templates, for blog setup. All you have to do is choose a blog name and the idea you want to blog about. You will begin publishing right away.


Blogging requires a lot of time and commitment as there is need to consistently create new content to have an engaging blog site. Depending on the reasons behind starting your blog , the returns might take time to show.

There are millions of blogs on the internet which is enough competition to discourage you from starting your own blog, however there is only one you. This means it is your uniqueness that will lure readership for your blog.

Till next time, welcome to our world.

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