Afrobloggers challenge Blogteember
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BlogTemberChallenge Africa: Stories From Home

Hello September

Afrobloggers challenge Blogteember

Are you ready for a blog everyday challenge? Of course you are not, no one ever is, if it was something easy to do we would not call a challenge right, so issa challenge.

My words my africa

September is Africa month, its Africa month every month but September we choose to celebrate the best way we know how, through the stories we share. The theme for the month is Africa: Stories from home…….

Lets use our writing voices, lets be heard

African Story told

The #BlogtemberChallenge is now a tradition, we held it last year and this year it looks like we are going to be having way more people attempting….. it will be lit

Who should take part in this challenge:

  • Bloggers old and new
  • Newbie bloggers trying to learn consistency
  • Bloggers needing that PUSH
  • Anyone with a story to share

Many people will start but not everyone will finish, start anyway.

There are days when life will get in the way, continue anyway.

There are days you will tell yourself nobody is reading, write anyway.

There are days when your mind will be blank and you cant string a sentence together string it anyway.

If you can blog everyday for a month consistently, come rain or shine, if you can schedule posts ahead of time to cover the days you will be too busy to post, if you can create a post while the world spins wildly around you, if you can hold courageous conversations,  posts outside of your comfort zone and be brave enough to post them  then and only then can you hold your head high when you call yourself a blogger…

You will learn a lot about yourself in the process and for those newbie bloggers who wonder about consistency this is how you see what you are really made of……….

We appreciate that some bloggers have different niches, so we will not impose topics but with your help we will compile a list of possible topics for those who need inspiration, feel free to contribute topics and suggestions for topic bearing in mind the theme for the month Africa: stories from home.

You can add your suggestions to this list AFROBLOGGERS TOPICS or in the comments below.

Also if you are taking part in the challenge do drop your link in the comments. Together we are our biggest fans lets read each other’s work, encourage each and tag more of your blogging friends

And looks like early birds already have day one posts Check Out

Becoming The Muse – Of Coffee Blog Anniversary and The Blog Everyday Challenge

Thinking Out Loud – Blogtember Challenge

wizbex – African mum

rukutitus – hello september day1

moretogetty – lets get writing

lets get writing!!!!!!


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