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Afrobloggers #SundayTakeover

Afrobloggers #SundayTakeover

African Story told

On Sundays, we let a guest blogger TAKEOVER our twitter account @Afrobloggers from between 9am-9pm CAT (Central African Time)

Yes you read correct and if you are not familiar with the process here is how it works:

The #SundayTakeover host is allowed access to the Afrobloggers Twitter account and how the day goes is pretty much up to them……

*this sounds interesting and you are interested but you don’t know what you would if you takeover the account, where would you even begin?

Most guests usually do the following:

  • Introductions: who they are, where they from, what they do and share links.
  • Talk about their journey so far and where they see themselves
  • Discussions: Fears, strengths weaknesses
  • Interactions: Ask and answer questions on all things creative field related
  • Share Tips and lessons that may be helpful
  • Spotlight your favourite Bloggers and share links
  • Invite bloggers to share their links
  • Do polls
  • Shamelessly self-promote your work and invite dialogue

This is not an exhaustive list and each #SundayTakeover host experience is different, some guests plan for their sessions well in advance, others just wing it as they go but at the end of the day all agree that the community is awesome.

Even if you decide that taking over is not for you, please do support our session by dropping in on our Twitter timeline on Sundays and interacting with the host for the day. Make The Circle Bigger.


Although not compulsory, we highly encourage that you do a write-up, sharing your experience and observations, it helps us better understand our community and might be insightful to the next victim I mean next host, daring enough to accept the #SundayTakeover

Dont take our word for it read it for yourself: Posts on #SundayTakeover by previous hosts

The Quarter WifeMy AfroBloggers Twitter Takeover

Melanin and coilsThe Wealth Of Africa

shexpressCurating @AfroBloggers on #SundayTakeOver

Mpho MashitaAfro Bloggers Account Take Over Experience

What are you waiting for????

How to apply:

You can reach us via Twitter our DMs are open or the contact form on the contact tab and we will schedule you accordingly

PLEASE NOTE: Although we support the freedom of creative expression we maintain that you keep it professional and legal; no views that are prejudicial, discriminatory or gratuitously offensive and reserve the right to terminate the session and log you out.






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