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Day 30 The End

Hello October goodbye September

…..and farewell to the blog every day challenge we wold like to thank all those we participated and supported, its been a fun, eye opening and inspiring.

We have connected with many different voices and its always fascinating to see how different people tackle the same challenge many people we interested in participating less actually started and even fewer actually finished…


If you finished the challenge congratulations you have the tenacity of bulldog, not only does it bite it has the amazing ability to breathe while biting you!!! Awooah

The one thing we have got out of this challenge is that time management is vital and life is unpredictable but dont let that stop you, push on.

My words my africa

Now that the challenge is over don’t let the speed, momentum and creative awakening rebirthed die away. We don’t mean for you to blog every day but don’t wait one year till your next post.

I could hazard a guess that through out the prompts you might have had spin off topics and ideas brewing in your head, develop them further, write them. The friends you made who supported and encouraged you, keep them, keep that fire alive.

**flames emoji**

For those who are yet to complete the challenge go ahead, go write ahead and finish up its ok don’t quit all together, its still on. As for those who did not participate in the challenge and are still interested please feel free to start. Today could be your Day One even. If you want, you can just pick and choose prompts from the list below, whenever you need a prompt topic to write about and cant seem to find one:

#BlogTemberChallenge Afrobloggers

here are links on concluding thoughts of people who participated in a blog every day challenge for the month of September, check them out, give them some love….. and if someone drops by your blog, be a dear and check theirs out; Because Reciprocity!

I think this is what it feel like to finish the comrades or veterans marathon its not about winning its about finishing thats what counts…..

Day 30 Shout Outs

BlogTember Comes To An End

The Finish line

Day 30

we made it

mama I made it

15 priceless things I learnt

Review 30 day Afriblogger

lets see what October has in store

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