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Day 15 #BlogTemberChallenge

Day 15 HalfWay Musings

We are halfway there:

How has your journey been like so far?

Are you still in? Are you struggling…. ? Any tips to share? How is it so far?

My words my africa

We have seen so many wonderful creatives from across Africa you can check out a few below:

Dorel from Burundi

Shelley from Cape Town

Nana Asabre from Ghana

Yoyo from Nigeria

Are you thinking its too late to start, its You can start even now we have Marcia from Zimbabwe who recently started and is playing catch up.

You can find other posts by checking on this hashtag #BlogTemberChallenge and  #30DayAfriblogger 

We encourage you to interact, and share support your fellow blogger make a new friend even….



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