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Day 3 #BlogTemberChallenge


Day THREE What makes You, YOU

Heritage, culture, clan, traditions.

Welcome to our third day of the blog every day challenge, shout out to all the bloggers taking part and if you want to join…… FEEL FREE you can start today.

Our theme today is on what defines you. How do you identify your kin, your clan, your tribe?

Is it by the language you speak, your name, your surname, where you come from?

How do you honour your departed ancestry?

Share your culture

My words my africa




If you are participating in this challenge you can share your blog post in the links below. We encourage bloggers to interact and encourage each other, meet a new blogger friend today….

Special Shout Out  to Omolayo and Chineme ♥♥♥♥ Thank you for the support.

Also Masimba Soil Child….

Check out the hashtag #BlogtemberChallenge #30DayAfriblogger

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