Afrobloggers #BLogTemberChallenge


Afrobloggers challenge Blogteember

For the month of September, we will be running a blog every day challenge and invite bloggers to participate and interact in this challenge themed:

My words my africa

Here are the themes and topic suggestions for the challenge:

Please note the themes are optional and we encourage you to interpret  and write posts using your creative liberties, your thought in your words.

Day ONE Intro

-A quick intro into your blog, where you from and what you hope to achieve by the end of this challenge

Day 2 Growing Up African

-Childhood memories

Day 3 What Makes You, YOU.

-Heritage, culture, clan, traditions.

Day 4 A Lesson from Experience

-something you have learned the hard way about life

Day 5 Tomorrow

-The future you dream of versus The Reality you see

Day 6 Raving Reviews

-An event that we should go to at least once

Day 7 Talking Music

-Past And Present share playlists artists and genres that define music in your country

Day 8 Whats cooking?

-Recipes, meals, food routines, preps

Day 9 Things I wish you knew about my country

-Misconception, Prejudice,

Day 10 Reflections

-Religion, Spirituality, traditional

Day 11 Tying the knot

-marriage customs and weddings

Day 12  Skin Deep

-Conversations on beauty, conventions, makeup, fashion

Day 13 A typical day

-what it look like

Day 14 Mental health and The African Set Up

-Depression, suicide, support, perceptions

Day 15 Halfway Musings

~lessons, connections, interview or feature a guest and their blog

Day 16 An Apple a day

-organic health and lifestyle tips

Day 17 Change

-The unchanged changing world

Day 18 Taboo

-Lets talk about; something somebody should talk about but nobody ever does,

Day 19 Watering your roots

-where you come from

Day 20 Confession Wednesdays

-These are my confessions

Day 21 Life hacks

-share tips and tricks

Day 22 The Transport Jungle

-an insight into traffic, roads, rules, jams, accidents

Day 23 Hair Today gone tomorrow

-Hair journey, natural or not

Day 24 Awkward Conversations

-Parenting, generation gaps,

Day 25 The Holidays come early

-festivals and festivities in December

Day 26  Morals and the Modern world

Are we forgetting who we are

Day 27 The Gender Equation

-equality feminism and abuse

Day 28 High School Throwbacks

-Stories from high school

Day 29 A virtual tour

-Take us through a tour of your country places we should go and what we should do there

Day 30 Concluding thoughts

-Has this challenge in any way changed you and you view of the world

We do hope you will join us on this trip, if you have any questions please ask and again we encourage our blogging community to be interactive, if you will be taking part in the challenge you can drop you blog link in the comments below; also find and follow fellow bloggers who will also be participating……

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