Afrobloggers challenge Blogteember
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Afrobloggers #BlogTemberChallenge

Afrobloggers Presents the #BlogTemberChallenge

Afrobloggers challenge Blogteember

Hello Afrobloggers; this is a call out, for the month of September we want to challenge you to write a blog post everyday……

We are not pointing any fingers or judging but some of your blogs are frightfully neglected, we know life happens but sometimes you need that friend who will give you a gentle nudge.

Even if your blog is like a garden well-tended, there is nothing wrong with a nice little challenge and if you have never done a blog everyday challenge here is a chance to see what you are really made of….

Anybody can blog, but not everybody can write and the only way to develop your writing skill is by writing.

For far too long the African narrative has taken a backseat to what else happens to the rest of the world, but why should we wait for the rest of the world  to tell our story, and they might not tell it accurately

If you want to read something, and you can not find it anywhere, perhaps you should write it yourself.

During the month of September for the #BlogTemberChallenge we want you to share and write posts that showcase your world, your countries, your neigbourhoods, your friends, your homes and your family.

African Story told
tell your story

 The stories the world never gets to hear.

This is your chance to share to the world, your story, Africa’s story in your words on your blog. #MyAfricaMyWords

My words my africa

We will try to compile a BlogPost Map listing by country the bloggers taking part in this movement. We hope to get at least one blogger from each country in Africa, our fingers are crossed. Throughout the month we shall be sharing links to blog posts participating in the challenge that spotlight Africa use the hashtag MyAfricaMyWords in your posts so we can find you and will be randomly picking a Blogger Of The Day to be featured on our platform.

Why should you do this challenge?

  • The more you write the better you get at it
  • Put your blog and country on the map
  • The same reason people see mountains and climb them all the way to the top
  • You will get a shiny Afrobloggers #BlogTember badge to proudly display on your blog that you completed the challenge. Its ok to brag sometimes,

Even if you do not take part in the actual challenge, we would still hope during the month of September you will at least give the African narrative a voice on your blog.


Bloggers are encouraged to co-ordinate by suffixing their country internet code to the hashtag #BlogTemberChallenge fellow bloggers can find you Eg.

Uganda #BlogTemberChallengeUG

Namibia #BlogTemberChallengeNA

Kenya #BlogTemberChallengeKE

Zimbabwe #BlogTemberChallengeZW

**Prompt topics will be provided in a post coming shortly but they are optional and you can spin them any way you wish so they suit your blog content

We hope you will take part in this movement, and please interact, have fun lets grow this community;

Together our voice can move mountains



PS Special Mention:  the inspiration for this challenge came from a Lifestyle Health and Fitness Zimbabwean Blogger Makupsy who along with several other bloggers have formed a group to do a blog everyday challenge #30DayAfriBlogger we will also be sharing posts from there.


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