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AfroBloggers #FeatureThursdays – Anjolaoluwa Ozozoma Coker

Anjolaoluwa Ozozoma Coker is a Nigerian Blogger who now lives and studies in The United States. She’s been featured on many stages across America and was one of 31 selected students in the inaugural class to participate in the Nate Parker Summer Film Institute in 2016. Journey in the Reign began as a way to document her 20’s, but instead, it’s grown into how she expresses herself and connects with others through her art.

How have you established an audience and how do you maintain it?

Even though it’s still hard for me to actually accept that I have an audience, I’ve had to accept that there are people who really take my writing seriously.

I’ve observed that when you are transparent and honest with yourself and about your story, it becomes easier for people to gravitate towards your work. I’m also big on interaction, when someone reaches out to me, I try to let them know that their feedback is valued.

I’m the first to acknowledge that consistency in writing blog posts is one area I can improve on when it comes to maintaining my audience. Quality, rather than quantity is still my number 1 motto.

Any advice for new bloggers?

Although you might have some favourite bloggers that you follow, don’t try to imitate their voice. Feel free to observe their methods or designs, but do not be an exact copy of their craft. You should always have a unique way of telling your own story.

The one thing that I’ve learned from my brother, in the photography world is that branding is vital. If that means consulting with someone to make a unique website that fits your theme, then do it. I’m usually put off by bloggers who don’t see the need to invest in the look of their site nor their social media.

VerillyMerrily Mary penned an insightful blog post about why writers should stop referring to themselves as just ‘aspiring.’ Why aspire to be something that you already are? If you’re a writer, then write, and be free to call yourself such.

Do you have any dislikes about blogging?

Constantly being at war with telling the truth, yet fighting to accept it myself. The moment I decide to relive an experience by writing about it, I always have to remind myself that many might find comfort in knowing someone else has overcome.

Do you have a target audience in mind?

I didn’t start my blog with a target audience in mind, however over time but I’ve come to realize that a lot of young adults read my blog posts.

Have you written for any other websites?

I write for My Black Matters, it was a post about the divide between Africans in America and African-Americans.

Can you describe your online reputation?

If you saw my SnapChat, you’d think I am a baby lover with an obsession with Naija music. If you saw my Twitter and Facebook, you’d then see an activist and christian with a passion for poetry and filmmaking. If you saw my Instagram, you’d see a proud Nigerian who will defend jollof rice with a passion, and will pull out ankara dresses for the occasion. If you saw my YouTube channel, you’d see the progression of my spoken word poetry over the years.

What does your blog offers its followers?

I am Nigerian, which affects every aspect of my life, from my upbringing to the foods I consider tasty and my music choices. This spills into my writing as well. My transparency helps people see the need for connection and human interaction. I also do not hide from talking about Jesus on my blog, because I would not be able to speak with such honesty if it were not for the peace I’ve experienced as a follower of Christ.

Feature Written By: Sinawo Bukani

She is a Digital Marketing Recruit at Umuzi Photo Club. She recently resigned from her corporate job as an Asset Management Associate to invest in her SuperPowers in Literary Journalism, Lifestyle Blogging and Content Marketing.


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