AfroBlogger #FeatureThursdays – Stefanis Mutileni

Stefanus Mutileni is the author behind ‘Blue Short Pants’ (Tales from the Memory Lane), a blog that never fails to have us choking from wild bouts of laughter, literally chuckling out loud while reading his published posts. An exceptional talent that seems to come involuntarily and too easy for the Namibian Blogger. He isn’t only set apart because of his humor but even by the unique drawings on his blog, which effectively assist in driving his comical writing, while keeping us equally amused.

Do you believe your blog has made any difference to its readers?

I’ve had quite a number of responses, comments and conversations about my blog, where readers expressed interest in the posts. I try to talk about almost any kind of experience, good or bad, in a humorous manner. I believe readers are happier and more positive after reading the blog.

What is the one thing you take with you everywhere?

My phone! I think the whole situation is actually at crisis mode right now, a super bad addiction. Would be nice to grow a little extra arm and hand just to hold the phone and still have the other two for other chores. Or someone just needs to pray for a brother!

What was the last book gift you gave/received?

I received “The decision of a lifetime” by Marilyn Meberg. It is a book about finding love with Jesus Christ.

Your blog is very reflective, what memories or life experiences would say contribute the most to your posts?

My own.

On a serious note, it’s the memories which involves my family and I, meaning there’s a part everyone plays in them. We often just sit around, talking about how life use to be, the younger siblings also ask a lot of questions and it’s in those moments when memories flood back and trickle down into my fingertips, pouring out onto my blog.

What was the last comment you received from your blog?

It was actually a laughing emoji.

Have you had to hold yourself back from fully describing something negative that happened just so to not offend possible readers?

I just don’t write about it. If I figure that it’s something that’s likely to offend people then I’d rather not blog about it at all. Readers will always interpret things their own way but I am deliberate in maintaining a certain blog image, it should always be humorous. There are posts like “Shopping with the Girls” that could be misinterpreted if the humour behind it is not understood. That’s why I don’t really blog about stuff like politics, current national affairs or criticism towards celebrities or a particular individual.

As a blogger what would you like to learn more about?

How to co-write a piece. My thoughts hardly really lapse with someone else’s because I blog about my experiences, but I would like to learn how to put together a piece with someone else. I guess the same way two people will write a movie script? Yeah that.

Do you have any new TV shows that you refuse to watch?

Any TV show that replays the Chelsea team losing a match! On a serious note though, nah. I haven’t come across any shows lately, where my views are different or I feel disgusted. Maybe just worth a mention, the Myth Busters really did piss me off with an approach they used on disapproving a certain theory on mass, they didn’t make sense at all but that was on national TV.

Is there any other African country you would like to visit? Why?

Yes, Egypt. It is the African pinnacle of history and ancient artefacts, I live for such places.

What was the most recent thing you learned?

I learned that friendships and love don’t happen once off, they happen every single day. You’ve got to constantly feel right about it.

Feature Written By: Sinawo Bukani

She is a Digital Marketing Recruit at Umuzi Photo Club. She recently resigned from her corporate job as an Asset Management Associate to invest in her SuperPowers in Literary Journalism, Lifestyle Blogging and Content Marketing.

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