1. Who is Toscie?
Toscie is me, Tendai Kamusikiri. It is my one and only nickname since the age of 12. It
represents a lot of my personality and character that I carry with me in my heart, mind,spirit, body and soul. It is basically the woman that I am, and the woman I am becoming.tend

2. You call yourself a “Fashion Blogger”. Explain to us what a Fashion Blogger does?

A Fashion Blogger does a lot of writing, photography, social media and content creation. As a Fashion Blogger my main focus is obviously fashion! From clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, beauty and even lifestyle. It encompasses a lot of reading, research, staying up to date with trends and informing people what is hot, not and what is happening! A Fashion Blogger is no different from a Fashion Editor, except we are digital and LIVE 24/7.


3. What made you choose to become a Fashion Blogger?

This is such a great question because initially I wanted to be a DJ or a Model. Blogging came as a route for me to escape from reality and express my creative ability, something that I had known from a young age but didn’t know what it was. I started blogging in college and at the time I was inspired by the South African fashion industry. Everyone was bold, sassy and they all seemed free; and so I wanted to bring that feel into my world. Another factor was I was maturing as a young woman and obviously when you are in college fashion is number 1 on your social calendar, and at the time I was frustrated that I didn’t know any boutiques or stores in Harare that had great affordable fashion, nor was anyone at that time documenting these things or sharing any relevant information to help a college girl like myself. So after 8 months in University I started “Signature Toscie” in 2012 as the go-to and personal lifestyle blog for the modern fashion loving lady.


4. Since you took up blogging, how has been the journey so far? Any benefits and challenges?

The journey has not been an easy one, especially in the contexts of Zimbabwe. Blogging is practically non-exist in Zimbabwe and making your mark as a blogger let alone Fashion Blogger has come with its fair share of anonymity and resistance. Some of the challenges include approaching local Zimbabwean brands and finding a common ground for collaboration or brands aligning us in the same group for free press which in most cases is not our line of work. However there are benefits to blogging; the invites to launches, cocktails and fashion parties. Getting recognized and appreciated is personally a favorite for me because I ask them what they love about the blog and where they read about it. Another bonus benefit is meeting like-minded creatives and individuals; it is always a blessing to have a conversation with a fellow native.



5. Apart from observing, commenting and following fashion trends, what other
things take up your time?


Planning, co-ordination and keeping track of the blog. I spend an ample amount of
time planning outfits, looks, blog posts, social media and events just under Signature
Toscie. I do a lot of co-ordination by writing for local and regional magazines covering
special features and interviews. I keep track of the blog via email and apps (Hoot suite
being my favorite and Instagram of course).

6. What can you say about Zimbabwean and African Fashion as a whole?


In a nutshell Zimbabwean Fashion is very much behind in trend forecasting and
analysis. But a lot of that emphasis can be placed on the current economic situation.
With African Fashion as a whole, I love where Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa are
going. There is soo much variety and creativity in their fashion that one does not feel
out of place, but can find a comfort zone to the different design aesthetics available.
From African print, to a modern rendition of Parisian chic to the Zulu tribe being
showcased on international runways. African Fashion as a whole is no longer limited to
the African continent but has moved beyond our borders into high fashion, and I think
the Western culture is starting to take notice.


7. Some words of advice for aspiring Fashion Bloggers.


Blog because you love it! I know its cliché to say don
10. With so many fashion bloggers and more still sprouting up, how do you manage
the competition and stay relevant in this narrowed blogging field.
I choose not to compete but work with them and I choose to stay true to myself plus
my readers and bring them the best that Signature Toscie has to offer.



11. What do you think the blogging community must do to lure the interest of


I place such emphasis on collaboration because it is truly the key to lure the interest of
brands. If bloggers can openly come and work together as a collective platform, it is
more of a benefit to lure a brand because there is strength in numbers. Moreso the
particular brand in question will be exposed and availed to different style aesthetics and
markets depending on different blogger style and readership. Bloggers further need
to understand the aspect of their influence and how their blog can be an avenue to
interest fashion and lifestyle brands. It really runs down to who you are and what you
can create.


12. Where do you see your blog in the next 5 years?


Ranked as a top Zimbabwean Fashion and Lifestyle Blog. Possibly with a clothing
boutique and PR services. Signature Toscie will be more than just a blog but a fully
functioning enterprise.     toscie

You can connect with Tendai of SIGNATURE TOSCIE BLOG here


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  1. Hey Toscie,

    I am so glad by reading about you. As a fashion blogger the journey has not been an easy for you but made it.
    You did really good job, I appreciate you. By reading about you & blog posts I got some useful tips for fashion blog. you are very ingenious..!



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