1. Who is B?

B is this crazy guy who writes down all the thoughts I am afraid to say out loud. Thoughts if spoken out loud would make people look at me like guy you need your head examined. If you must know I had my head examined just this morning, I looked in the mirror and it looked darn fine (to me anyway)

B is….. I wouldn’t say a fitness freak but he runs, occasionally, and has an insane workout routine which he may or may not blog about some day.

In a mouthful of English, B reads more than he writes and runs less than half as much as he should.

That’s pretty much B for you.

Oh yeah B is Beaton and currently blogs from Harare, Zimbabwe.


  1. Tell us about your blog: Becoming the muse. When did it start and the reasons behind the name.

Becoming The Muse. I started it so long ago…. lemme do a quick check of my archives, my first post was on September 2013 so yeah almost 3 years ago. I started blogging because I wanted somewhere to keep my drafts, I had twitter but well 140 characters is somewhat stifling, though it teaches you brevity of expression. I also wrote some “stuff” in my Facebook notes tab as well but then I did not like it being read by my family, I was very much self-conscious and then I discovered WordPress. I kept it on privacy mode so no one could read my thoughts but years later, here I am.

Becoming The Muse….. what does that mean? Hmmm its been so long I do not remember. How about I come up with an answer that includes a convincing lie that sounds like the truth and a truth that sounds like a lie, here goes:

funny story that, I have not a clue, I was probably meditating and thought why on earth do you need a muse, basically it just sits there and never talks, why not muse yourself, so I decided to be my muse and hence Becoming The Muse. That sounds like a convincing story, considering I made that up, if I do say so myself.


  1. Has blogging turned out to be what you expected before starting your blog? Shed some light

Honestly speaking, when I started blogging I really had no expectations, I simply found WordPress a convenient online platform to write my leavings or is it leave my writings, anyhoo I did not even know it was a blog and as yet I still don’t think of myself as a blogger, I have a blog and I write there, sometimes.


  1. Has blogging brought you any benefits?

Yes, the main one being my writing has improved. Practise makes perfect and also reading other blogs, seeing how others write.

And The Comments section, I get helpful suggestions from people who take time to comment after reading my blog, not to mention make friends. Friends I have never met in countries I have never been but friends none the less maybe that is what I should have said was the main benefit (in case any such friends are reading this)

  1. Freedom of expression is constrained in most parts of Africa. Have you censored yourself sometimes (on your blog)

Oh yes self-censure is real I have done this, I even have a whole blog post I wrote and still haven’t posted yet because well they might say you have freedom expression but freedom after expression, not so much. Here just now, answering this question, see, I have had to censor and rephrase couple of times.


  1. Your Blogging is so consistent, share your secret and also explain how you deal with writer’s block
  • Read
  • Read
  • Write
  • Run


That’s my secret, that and staying true to my voice, we each have a unique voice, and always have drafts. If I was pushed I could blog every day for a month without undue effort because I save all unfinished ideas into drafts I can whip up into posts in no time at all. You can’t trust your memory, that you will remember all the brilliant ideas you have and when you cant remember what to write you get writer’s block.

Writer’s block I don’t really get that what I do is procrastinate that is a sin I am guilty off that I will write later, when I am free, later when I am not feeling sleepy, later after a nap later in just five minutes and suddenly a whole week has passed, a month, a year.

The only way to deal with writer’s block is to write, if you sit there long enough words will come, eventually.*Laugh out Loud* and if you have drafts like I do you can look at an old idea marvel at your genius and suddenly you muse yourself, of becoming the muse a guide to writer’s block see what I did there and I have just saved that as an idea for a future post about writer’s block.


  1. What solutions would you recommend against plagiarism

Plagiarism is basically content theft and the internet being the internet it’s not easy to protect yourself, has anyone created an app that stops someone from being able to do a Copy and Paste from your site yet? Well they should but then someone could do still do it the hard way manually typing *sigh*

Regularly you must Google search (or any other search engine) snippets of your work to see if someone is using your content or sign up with CopyScape (or similar antiplagiarism sites)  which search the internet for duplicate copies of your content.

Adding a Copyright symbol might also help deter wannabe thieves even better if you sign up and get a Creative Commons Licence.


  1. How does blogging fit into your life? Part time or fulltime and what time of the day do you often blog

Part time but it might as well be fulltime as I blog at almost any moment I can mostly at night when it is nice and quiet but all moments inspiration I write something down in the drafts  folder as I wrote earlier


  1. Name three blogger you wish to meet

Why only three I have so many this will be hard oh rightie then

  • Just Tuli owes me a sandwich
  • Sinawo from baby steps to conversations with myself
  • Subtle Royalty for that cup of kawa


  1. Share with us some of your favourite authors

Octavia E. Butler

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Sidney Sheldon

Terry Pratchett

Terry Goodkind

Dan Fulani



  1. Do you belong to any blogging communities, would you recommend that other bloggers form or belong blogging communities

Yes I belong to a couple of blogging; Afrobloggers is a blogging community right? I am all for joining/forming communities it helps increase your readership and also makes it easier to find like minded bloggers, especially if your blog is new. Cause there you are with a your first new post you bravely click [post] and wait for someone to read…..

Some blogging communities help you come up with content to blog about for those who struggle to find what to blog about.

But being careful or you will end up blogging what you think people want to read instead of what you want to write (unless they are paying you lol)


  1. Share one thing that is a turn off when you visit new blogs

Bloggers who do not reply or acknowledge comments, you visit a new blog and find an engaging post it even has questions for the reader and invites you to share your comments but when you do you never get a response back, I understand people can’t respond always or even instantly and life gets in the way but a quick check on the comments and you find they are all by visitors to the site and none by the blog author, and this is a post that’s months old and there a newer recent posts, it’s like being blue ticked on whatsapp I know you read my comment and you been online. *ouch*

You could just disable the comments in settings/privacy tab if you don’t like comments than simply ignoring.


  1. What words of advice would you give to aspiring bloggers

It’s ok to be scared, we are all over protective of our words wondering if people will like our blogs but write anyway.


  1. Where do you see your blog in the next five years

Five years….., for starters owning my blog instead of having it hosted. If you keep doing what you love and get good at it someone will pay you to just do it, so yeah hopefully my blog will start earning me some ^_^ one can dream.


  1. Share one thing about yourself (previously unknown by your blog followers)

At night I dress up as Batman. If I told you I would have to find someone to pay me to assassinate everyone who reads this interview….. So I have delusions of grandeur there you go.



  1. A book or a movie?

A book



the tumbled down man,in a tumbledown world,
wondering,am I standing on my head,
or is the world upside down…

 My blog: Becomingthemuse.wordpresscom






  1. i’m not sure if the post was censored or the blogger censored something here. the censored part is B is crazy, very crazy. the way he writes it’s just amazing. if someone can make people go crazy i don’t think that person is normal, he must be twice as crazy. (im taking it from ‘to be a great coach, you must have been a great player’)

    keep up the good work man. thumbs up

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting.
    We are doing our blog week in Uganda this week under the theme freedom of expression and you may have given me what to write about.
    And yes I absolutely consider you my long lost blog cousin in Zimbabwe ..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “…for starters owning my blog instead of having it hosted. If you keep doing what you love and get good at it someone will pay you to just do it, so yeah hopefully my blog will start earning me some ^_^ one can dream.”

    Sure can, and the dream is real! It took me 4 years to get off WordPress hosting because everyone kept telling me I couldn’t make money from blogging, but I am so glad I finally moved to a self-hosted blog. It opened up a whole new world of monetization for me. Now I can work towards growing my blogging revenue instead of just dreaming to one day be able to make a regular income from my blog. I encourage you to take the plunge as soon as possible! The sooner you start actively working towards your dream, the sooner you reach your destination!

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