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In our pursuit to showcase African Bloggers this week we feature a Namibian Blogger.

Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Tulipamwe Juliuson Amakali (could’ve been Tokyo Juliuson Amakali but
my dad decided otherwise) I  was born and bred in Windhoek, Namibia (We are between South Africa and Angola for those that do not know). I am 20 years of age (if this is shown after August 15th 2016 I am 21) I am also a 3rd year Software Engineering student crazy about technology, Anime, music I am into Good Music (I’m not genre specific) and many more artsy things.
I can turn my right foot about 100 and something degrees towards the left, it use to be
completely 180 degrees but now I am old


Q2. Tell us about your blog(s), when and why you decided to blog

My blog is still a baby, first post was posted ( that sounds funny doesn’t it?) 9th December of
2014. I started it due to the fact that I’ve always had many thoughts stuck in my noggin and I’ve had my own way of seeing the world, so I just wanted a place to share my thoughts and discover other people’s thoughts on my thoughts and see who thinks like that and who does not.


Q3.Is blogging a part time hobby or its your career

It is a part time hobby that I enjoy quite a bunch but nope not my career, Software
Engineering has my heart.


Q4. How has blogging benefited you?               

It has taught me that I am indeed not crazy haha (or do I say *laughs* like in those
magazine interviews). By not crazy I just mean, that I am not alone in my thinking or if I am
alone it is OK because well the heterogeneity of this world is what makes it so special.


Q5. Did your audience ever dictate your blog content? Or you just blog for yourself
When I started my blog, I told myself that I shall write for myself ,there will be those that
agree, those that disagree and those that frankly just don’t care so I just write for myself and
hope the audience enjoys.


Q6. How have you dealt with writer’s block
I completely ignore my writing for a while and just try to relax and enjoy life and do this
thing called living and sooner rather than later the words have proven to come running back
to be typed onto the screen.


Q7.What can the blogging community do to attract reputable brands and in turn
generate income
This is not so simple to answer especially in Africa, I am not so sure that brands see how
lucrative a partner blogs can be for their product so the challenge is a bit extra.However I
think the best way to grab their attention is through writing writing,when you see your
audience is at a levelwhich is attention grabbing, you then proceed to approaching a smaller
brand and try to get a dealwith them, Suit Tie and a Smile that won’t die (For males) Super
Heels, Snazzy Dress and A smile that will have them saying Yes (For females) and gain
exposure like so. I know it’s not that simple but ya set your plan out and let them know what
you are about.


Q8. Share 5 tools you feel each blogger must have

I read this question and saw 5 Apps and not tools.

  • Evernote application, you can set reminders,write little notes for ideas you have
    about your blog, attach links form other websites and much much more.
  • If you are a photography blogger or so I tell you to get EyeEm the smartphone application
    or visit their website, you will know why I say that once you visit it.
  •  I recommend any RSS news feeder application such as News360 or Feedly to help you
    keep up with a topic of interest and to just obliterate ignorance
  • An application called Push-bullet, check it out you are welcome
  •  Lastly this is because I am a WordPress user, get the WordPress app, it just makes life so
    much easier for you if as WordPress user you do not have it yet, I beg you to get it.


Q9. Share with us any four blog s you frequent and why

Does my own count? Hahah

  •  Becoming The Muse,by this guy from Zimbabwe ( I think it is Zim unless he is a liar haha) Shout out to Beaton, his blog feels like Home if I can put it in the simplest words possible, yep Home is what it feels like
  • Sinawo Bukani- The Baby Steps (WordPress)  fronted by a lady from South Africa by the name of Sinawo (am I allowed to expose names like this?), anyway her blog is one I frequent a lot due to the beautiful honest writing which is always delivered on here and by beautiful I mean you will read a post and at the end you will be like yepppp that was beautiful
  • Poetry Et Al brought to us by the Queen of Brevity Poetry Naa ( I decided to give her that title of Queen of Brevity Poetry), all the way from Ghana ( I think) She drops many fire poems on there and one would think the poems are longer than what they are because they bring up many different feelings in a short space of time its real amazing.
  • Last but not Least is OdenBK ( that’s the name of the blog) also a WordPresser,I like to
    believe the one behind it is named Bruce(because of the twitter name) but I cannot be too
    sure, but ya that is not the point, his blog is what I like to describe as deep, fittingly he has a
    tab written Reflections which is what I like to put this blog in descriptive terms, introspective
    and I like it .


Q10. One book you wouldn’t mind reading again and why?
It is not one book but an entire book series, Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, loved those
books when I was younger, I think I will look for them and read again now that you’ve
brought it up. The book series allowed my imagination to run wild, the characters felt as real
as can be even though they were sooo made up, the chapters were captivating and just wow
it really gotmy blood pumping reading this book, made me quite happy.


Q11. Your words of advice to aspiring bloggers
Firstly go for it. Second Go for It. Third Have fun with it and be yourself and lastly. Go For It.


Q12. Do you belong to any blogging community or association, if yes share the benefits
You guys are a Blogging Community right?? U wasn’t lying to my mom when I told her
that right? OK good, AfroBloggers and the benefits are:

I have come across many different kinds of bloggers that have opened my eyes to different things that have influenced my content for the better. I have been exposed to different topics that have killed ignorance on my part. I also discovered an inner poet because of them and lastly I have come in contact with cool individuals that have made my life better so whoop


Q13. What do you like most about Africa?
The diversity the culture the music the beauty of it all in one continent. Plus the people,
despite living in less than ideal conditions have a positive outlook on life and look to fight
another day.


Q14. What is your favourite food.
Spaghetti Bolognaise,Greek salad(No olives or onions please) ,milk tart and Trifle(no not
truffle) also Add Oros to that list ooh such a heavenly drink


Q15. Where do you see your blog in the next 5 years?
5 years?  That’s interesting ey! Hmm let me think, It will be wherever the blogging
gods allow it to be haha by that you can clearly read that I am not sure where I see it being( I think it is because I wear contact lenses, something must be wrong with them today


Amakali Tulipamwe is a Namibian Blogger whose writings can be found Here . You can also connect with him on twitter  .


  1. Ayo Tokyo.. I can call him Tokyo right?. ….
    Never believe a word I say, I totally make up everything I say, including this, what I am sayingwriting; believe me at your own peril.
    Even, if we did not know where Namibia is (which we do) two words: Google Earth
    I use EverNote, Push-Bullet, and obviously The WordPress App, will check out Eye-Em, (hey, isn’t this advertising? *This is how you monetize your blog* product placement)
    Afrobloggers is definitely a blogging community and you should clean your lenses more gives you better vision. (See what I did there?)


    Shout out to Beaton, his blog feels like Home

    My blog feels like Home…. that’s the nicest second nicest one of the nicest things ever said I heard today..> 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Never believe a word you say hahaha Roger that yes Tokyo shall be my official unofficial official name, I suppose product placement is the way hahaha (Eye-Em I hope you are listening) and Home yep only way to put it 👌

    Liked by 1 person

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