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Exploring Life with AfroPoets

Last night on our regular Wednesday Poetry Evening  we invited Afropoets to compose poems on life. We had great fun, drinking from the same vessel but spitting different words.

So many things come to mind when the word life is mentioned. Many have tried to define it, through philosophy and science but if truth be said Life has just remained Life-a mystery

Joyous and disappointing moments make the life bible of our experiences. From it we draw lessons on how to act and behave in particular situations yet still some say: Life has no formula.

Change is the only constant in this life, as we struggle to keep,so are our days used up. Some embrace change with both hands calling it new beginnings yet some hold on to that old past, afraid of the unknown.No one knows what life brings tomorrow.

Life is its moments. Love and hate are alternating twins. One brings us so much joy but the other wields a knife and cuts us so deep.

These are just a few of the poems that were shared. Please look up this hashtag #AbWPE on twitter for more lovely poems from AfroPoets, or alternatively join us next Wednesday as we explore another theme.

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