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Growth required that we adjust accordingly. Do not miss out on whats hot in our community, for the stories, interviews and conversations keep getting better.

Actually why don’t you start by checking out this article about a Zimbabwean author who told people not to buy her book! Yeah, you read that right.

Thank you, for creating this wonderful platform for African writers and bloggers to find one another and connect the way we do. I never considered or appreciated much of the blogging space on the continent until I came across your feed.

Josephine Amoako

I saw this twitter handle – @AfroBloggers   on my timeline and was excited to follow them because it creates an opportunity for me, as a blogger, to hear stories of other bloggers in Africa, and connect with them. It got more exciting with the Wednesday Poetry Night, and the regular hosting of bloggers on the account to tell their stories.

Ms Anarfi